The Minister of Presidency and Institutional Relations of the Government of Aragon, Mayte Pérez, has ensured that the regional Executive and the Provincial Council of Huesca (DPH) are working “until exhaustion” to ensure that the Candanchú ski resort, in the Pyrenees Huesca, can open this winter.

In the press conference after the Governing Council, Pérez has indicated that the objective of both administrations is to find a “way out” to the “complex” situation of the station, “that makes it possible for it to continue” its activity.

The counselor recalled that it is privately owned and has trusted the negotiators, both from both administrations, and “in the responsibility of the company to be able to reach a successful conclusion.”

Pérez has said that both the Government of Aragon and the DPH “share the interest of the valley, the inhabitants and their institutional representatives” regarding the need “to maintain this economic activity.”

However, he stressed that the administrations “cannot give money to a company with losses”, “we have to comply with the law” and in this context we are working politically to find solutions that allow Candanchú to “continue working”, “with the impact that it has in the valleys “.

Pérez wanted to convey a message of “tranquility and confidence” because the Aragonese Executive and the Huesca Provincial Council “are working closely” for this purpose. He added that in any negotiation “there are logical tensions”, but he did not want to delve into where the talks are. “I would not like that any type of declaration could hinder negotiations whose fundamental objective is that they reach a good end,” he emphasized.

A future for snow
From the parliamentary group VOX in Aragon they have also pronounced on the snow sector and the Candanchú station. The political formation has proposed in the Cortes of Aragon the elaboration of a comprehensive plan for the snow sector for the following season.

“Said plan must provide certainty and confidence. In such a way that the different economic agents continue with their vocation of generating wealth and employment in all the valleys,” says Marta Fernández, a deputy for VOX in Aragon.

VOX has asked the government to take the initiative, with all the means at its disposal. “And that allows the board of directors of the Candanchú station to modify its decision with the opening of the facilities next season 2021 -2022,” says Marta Fernández, who adds that the entire Valle del Aragón is concerned about the situation of the this ski resort, which is an important engine of economic activity in the area.

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