In one of the weirdest tests we’ve seen in a long time, a hobbyist managed to install Windows 11 on a smartphone, a OnePlus 6T, and used it as a “mini computer” to run games like Crysis.

There are still several months until the release of Windows 11; Everything indicates that it will be staggered, arriving first pre-installed in new laptops and then, in the form of an update for all Windows 10 users. Everyone, as long as they have the necessary computer, of course; Windows 11 requirements remain contentious.

Therefore, the latest trend among enthusiasts and hackers is still curious: running Windows 11 on mobile. In the last week, since the release of the first unstable version for Windows Insider, there have been many projects based on that idea. The most ironic is the one that has managed to install Windows 11 on an old Windows Phone, a Lumia 950 XL that, in its day, was another failed attempt by Microsoft to make a foothold in the smartphone market.

He was not the only one. There are also those who have tried, and succeeded, to install Windows 11 on more modern mobiles, such as the Xiaomi Mi 8. These users are taking advantage of the Windows version for ARM processors, like those used in most mobiles; Microsoft has greatly improved that version in recent years, recently adding support for 64-bit x86 (computer) apps.

It should be clarified that one thing is to install Windows 11, and another to make it usable. It is true that the operating system recognizes the hardware and works, but it is not adapted to the mobile; it still shows the same desktop as on a computer, but in portrait format and we really need to connect a mouse via Bluetooth to be able to do anything. All in all, it’s just a curiosity, or at least that’s what we thought.

Now the user edi194 arrives on YouTube, with a curious demonstration: not only has he managed to run Windows 11 on a mobile phone, but he has also been able to install and run video games. And we are not talking about Windows Solitaire.

Surprisingly, it has managed to run Crysis, one of the most demanding games in the history of the medium, a title that even today, 14 years after its launch, is still too much for many computers. As we see in the video, it is not exactly playable: it jumps and at times it stops completely. But it is Crysis, on a mobile, something that seemed impossible.

In addition, it has also tried other titles such as Hitman Blood Money that are a little better. Taking into account that the OnePlus 6T already has three years behind it, probably with a modern mobile and some optimization, it would be possible to play many titles.

One week with Windows 11: this is the best we’ve seen on the new system

This says a lot about the performance improvement in Windows 11, and how easy it can be to pass it to all kinds of devices. Who knows, it may be that in the future mobile phones with Windows 11 will come out, that run Android apps and we can use it as a computer.

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