Seagate is committed to the gaming market with the FireCuda range of storage devices, focused on offering the best performance in video games, with a design that will marry the rest of our computer.

The FireCuda HDD is an external hard disk drive, which with a starting price of 79.99 euros aims to offer all the space we need to take our games anywhere. And that, although it seems simple, it is not.

And is that video games are increasingly “heavy”, occupy more space than ever. The use of 4K graphics and high definition video and music has made breaking the 50GB barrier the norm. Just by installing some games, it is very possible that the storage unit of our computer is at the limit, especially if we have bought a laptop.

The solution is a device like the FireCuda HDD, which offers greater storage capacity. The idea is to save on this hard drive the games that we are not playing right now, but that we do not want to lose either; for example, if we don’t want to download all those tens of gigabytes again, this time with a mobile connection.

In this way, we can download all the games we want and keep them stored on this unit, and transfer them to the internal SSD unit to achieve better performance. In effect, this device is a traditional hard drive and therefore has its limitations.

Good performance, for an HDD
Seagate does not display performance figures in its promotional material, which is understandable. If we compare it with one of the SSDs of the same brand, it will clearly lose out; but this device has a completely different utility. For the storage of games the transfer speed is not that important, because we probably will not run them directly from this hard drive.

Still, the performance of this FireCuda is not bad, far from it. In my tests I have achieved rates that are around 140 MB / s, both in reading and writing (the latter a little less, around 135 MB / s), both sequentially. They are very good figures for a hard disk, although as usual, in random reading and writing they plummet; an HDD is just not good in those cases, but I remember again that we are not going to use it for that.

In real tests, these good feelings are confirmed. Transferring files and folders is fast by hard drive standards, and at no point have I felt it could go better. The games have transferred quickly as well, and I have been able to make backups in no time.

Very complete
An important detail is that here we do not find the dreaded “bottlenecks”, and the device always offers the maximum available performance. The key to this is in the used USB 3.2 Gen 1 connection , with the included cable; This shows that Seagate has not cut back on these details.

Buying this hard drive also gives us access to Seagate’s software, called the Toolkit. It includes several tools that will allow us to manage our hard drive, including an automatic backup application; we can create a plan and let the hard drive update the new files on its own. We also have a file restoration tool, to recover them in case of loss.

If we play, the duplication tool will be very useful to us. We can mark folders so that they are automatically copied to the hard disk, and, on the contrary, pass those folders to the internal drive.

Gaming design
But the most striking feature within this program is the ability to change the RGB lighting . This is the part that makes it clear that this is really a gaming product.

The appearance of the FireCuda is not very striking at first glance, but its black color and monolithic design go well with gaming laptops and other devices. The party really starts when we plug in the hard drive and it starts to light up.

A band of light runs across the front of the device; the orange color of the FireCuda brand that comes by default achieves a very threatening appearance, but without distracting us. Of course, if what we want is precisely that, we can achieve it: the Seagate program allows us to choose the colors we want, and even activate pulsing, blinking or fixed effects, and vary the power of the lighting. How could it be otherwise, we can also activate a rainbow mode to enjoy all the colors.

A very good detail of the lighting is that it is compatible with Razer Chroma , the system that all Razer devices have and that is controlled by the Synapse program. Just by activating it, we can synchronize the lighting of the hard drive with that of the mouse, keyboard, or our laptop like the Razer Blade 15 . This guarantees that the FireCuda will not go against the rest, and will fit well in our “battle station”.

Hard drive for your games
The Seagate FireCuda is a good choice if what we are looking for is an external hard drive that allows us to store all our games. It meets all our demands in terms of performance and appearance, with a design clearly inspired by current gaming trends.

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It is available in three capacities, starting at 1 TB for 79.99 euros, and reaching 5 TB for 174.99 euros. It is available on the Seagate website .

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