Grupo ZoiloRíos Collaborates With Aspanoa Mark1199 To Fight Childhood Cancer. Users of the Aragonese business group’s service stations can purchase a coloring paper crane for one euro, the proceeds of which will go to projects by Aragonese researchers related to this disease.

Since last July 1, the Zoilo Ríos Group has put 1,000 cranes for coloring at its service stations at the price of one euro each, the proceeds of which will be used to finance projects by Aragonese researchers related to this disease through of Aspanoa. In just two weeks, half of the planned goal, to sell 1,000 units, has been reached, although the campaign will run until August 31.

In order to encourage sales and acknowledge the support of the Aragonese business group, several of the researchers and the manager of Aspanoa, Juan Carlos Acín, have visited the Los Ibones de Zoilo Ríos service station.

Zoilo Ríos, managing director of the business group, highlighted the “great satisfaction” of having the opportunity to help an organization like Aspanoa and “contribute” to the fight against childhood cancer. Grupo ZoiloRíos Collaborates With Aspanoa Mark1199 To Fight Childhood Cancer.

“We are proud – he added – of being able to serve to spread the work of Aspanoa and I encourage our clients to take advantage of their visit to our service stations to refuel or check the pressure of their wheels before going on a trip also to contribute their granite of sand buying the sheet, which also awakens the creativity of the smallest of the house “.

For his part, Juan Carlos Acín, manager of Aspanoa, thanked the Zoilo Ríos Group “for the implementation of this type of initiative that, in addition to raising much-needed funds, is an excellent speaker to disseminate the research projects that we carry out. cape”.

Aspanoa’s strategic challenge is to turn Aragon into a national benchmark in the treatment and research of childhood cancer, and for this it maintains the commitment to launch an annual call endowed with 60,000 euros to finance research projects and another of 30,000 euros to promote training of health professionals and humanization actions in the field of Aragonese oncopediatrics.

The impulse of Aspanoa has allowed to launch the first investigations against childhood cancer in the history of Aragon, which until 2018 had never worked on this disease. With a committed investment of 365,000 euros, four projects have been launched, three of which are developed at the Aragon Health Research Institute (IIS Aragón) and the other at the Miguel Servet Children’s Hospital.

The three projects being developed at the IIS Aragón are led by scientists Julián Pardo, Alberto Jiménez Schuhmacher and Patricia Sancho. The first seeks more effective treatments against leukemias and neuroblastoma, which represent 40% of the most common childhood cancers, through new immunotherapies and, specifically, the so-called NK cells (‘natural killers’ or ‘natural killers’ in Spanish). Clinical trials in patients are scheduled to begin in 2023.

The project coordinated by Alberto Jiménez seeks new methods to diagnose diffuse trunk glioma (DIPG), a rare childhood brain tumor with a poor prognosis that is almost impossible to biopsy without putting the child at risk. Grupo ZoiloRíos Collaborates With Aspanoa Mark1199 To Fight Childhood Cancer.

For his part, Jiménez Schuhmacher intends to develop a technique that allows knowing the subtype of tumor that it is by means of a virtual non-invasive biopsy. The third project, led by Patricia Sancho, investigates how to prevent medulloblastomas – the most common brain tumor in children with cancer – from reappearing after treatment, since when there are recurrences, survival expectations drop drastically.

Regarding the project developed at the Miguel Servet Children’s Hospital, it is led by Dr. Esperanza Castejón, from the Nutrition Unit, and seeks to diagnose early the malnutrition that children with cancer may suffer as a result of the aggressive treatments they are receiving for fight disease. For this, Aspanoa has donated state-of-the-art equipment to the Hospital.

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