After the threat of a potential class action lawsuit, Apple has confirmed what we don’t have to do with our MacBook Pro if we want to keep it.

The problems with the MacBook Pro began several months ago, when the first users found themselves with the screen of the MacBook broken , apparently without doing anything; the computer had not received any knocks, it had only been closed, and it had been found broken when it was opened.

It was not until last August that some communities like Reddit realized that these were not isolated cases, but the result of a possible design flaw in the MacBook Pro ; Apple itself was not very sure about it, and its reaction was not the same for all customers: some were charged for the repair, and others not, indicating that the error could fall under the device’s warranty.

Finally, Forbes has discovered that on August 27 Apple updated its help page, including a new section in which it warns users of the steps they must take to prevent the MacBook Pro screen from breaking.

Basically, we should avoid putting anything on our Mac laptop before closing it ; That includes not just keyboard covers and wrist rests, but even something as trivial as a webcam cover; indeed, those that many people buy to cover the screen for greater privacy, are capable of breaking the screen.

The problem, as Apple itself explains, is that the space between the screen and the keyboard is so small when we close the laptop, that the object we leave can put pressure on the screen. Apple justifies this by the slim design of the MacBook , which means that there is very little space in that area; however, many other notebooks on the market are also very thin and apparently do not suffer from this problem, which could indicate greater screen fragility.

Be that as it may, this ruling, which Forbes has described as ’embarrassing’, may have consequences for Apple. An American law firm, Migliaccio & Rathod, has started the process for a class action lawsuit against Apple, after an initial investigation. The firm is now looking for more affected users, especially if Apple charged them between $ 300 and $ 800 for the repair, as they believe they may receive compensation.

This is not the first time that Apple’s obsession with achieving the thinnest possible design has played against it, and on many occasions it has had to back down. The most infamous case is the butterfly keyboard , designed to take up less space but was vilified by users, until finally Apple returned to the traditional scissor keyboard.

In addition, to make its laptop the thinnest on the market, Apple eliminated all ports, leaving only USB-C with Thunderbolt; But according to rumors, the next MacBooks could bring back other ports by not focusing as much on the fine design.

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