Coca-Cola European Partners and the unions have agreed on a record of employment regulation ( ere ) with early retirements and incentivized leave , for which the strike scheduled for this Thursday has been called off.

Specifically, the 360 people impacted by this measure have a possibility of early retirement or relocation, while incentive leaves are agreed for temporary staff with 45 days for years worked and 42 monthly payments , as well as the option of relocation to distributors, as reported the Independent Trade Union and Civil Service Center (CSIF)

In this way, the unions have called off the second day of strike scheduled for this Thursday, after the first that took place last Monday, since the union representation and the bottler’s management will ratify the agreement this morning.

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CSIF has valued this agreement “positively”, but has warned that it “will remain vigilant” so that the agreement is fulfilled, defending each of the jobs to the last consequences, always within dialogue, respect for rights fundamentals of the workers and compliance with everything that affects the group’s current collective bargaining agreements.

Coca-Cola European Partners already proposed last week in the last meeting with union representatives to reduce the impact of the workforce adjustment in the national market through early retirements, relocations and vacancies.

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