Mariana Fernandes de Sousa better known as Mari Fernandez gained fame throughout Brazil with the hit singer who was born in the municipality of Alto Santo in the state of began her career still in her teens The first album was released in April of this year.

In November the artist used social media to celebrate yet another achievement Her photo was displayed on a panel in Times Square USA I confess that I spent twenty minutes zooming in on my cell phone screen and wondering if it was real if it wasn’t montage Mariana from Alto Santo ended up in Times Square USA in the most desired advertising space in the world there was my image my work having an incredible visibility People from all over the world seeing my face he vibrated.

Luiza was born in Belo Horizonte In 2016 when she went on vacation to Imperatriz in the state of the singer met with whom she would share shows throughout Brazil It was on a friends birthday that I invited him to go on stage with me The synergy was so good that we set up the duo right there It worked explained the singer

From the beginning the internet played a fundamental role in the growth of the partnership Gradually videos published on YouTube began to reach millions of fans The first presentations took place in bars in the southeast region.

In 2019 it is worth remembering the duo even recorded the track in partnership with Marília One of the duos biggest hits is the song S de Saudade which features Zé Neto and Cristiano.

The twins Júlia and Rafaela grew up in Campo Verde Mato Grosso The two who started their careers at just 5 years old were influenced by their father The country singers who started by publishing some videos in which they cover the great names of music have already accumulated millions of views on digital platforms.

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