Almudena Herrero remembers her relationship with Fabio Testi in ‘First Dates’: “She had a half affair with Marlene Mourreau in ‘GH VIP'”. The singer assured in the dating of Cuatro that she remembers that time with great shame because it was public.

‘First Dates’ recently opened its doors to a well-known face from the first edition of ‘GH VIP’. The singer Almudena Herrera was one of the last guests of the Cuatro space, in which she remembered her television past after Carlos Sobera told her that his face sounded familiar: ” Many years ago I was working at Telecinco, she was Fabio Testi’s girlfriend 14 years ago . ”

“He entered ‘Big Brother VIP’ and had a half affair with Marlene Mourreau. I remember that time very sad and with great shame because it was public. I had a bad time, ” said the girl, adding to Sobera that Testi was a “unfaithful man by nature “:” He was wonderful, but, with 60 years that he was, I could not be behind him watching him. What energy! “.

Moments later, Almudena met Erramun, a 53-year-old writer and presenter from Gipuzkoa, who was very natural in his presentation: “I’m a talkative, outgoing, restless, brave, hooligan, immature person … for my age, I look like I’m fifteen. I refuse to grow up and mature, but I’m immensely happy as I am . ”

Once seated at the table, the truth is that they both enjoyed a very pleasant dinner in which they got to know each other more thoroughly. In fact, Almudena loved that Erremun was an active person with many open projects: “He will never be short of things to do. I will always give him things to do.”

In the last minutes of the evening, the good connection between them was transcendental in ‘The final decision’, since both were interested in having a second date to get to know each other more and better. “I have had a great time. I was looking for a nice, pleasant person with good treatment and I have seen him in Erremun,” Almudena explained before leaving Cuatro’s dating.

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