Ignacio Aguado , a key figure of Ciudadanos in the Community of Madrid who wanted to set his own profile in the coalition government with Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has endured the strongest pressure of his political career this week, which has ended with his political decline.

He stood out in Madrid politics in 2015 as an external partner of the Government of Cristina Cifuentes, he became vice president in 2019 with Isabel Díaz Ayuso and now, in a week, Aguado has been dismissed from his positions in the Executive of coalition with the PP and not He will be a candidate for Cs in the May 4 elections after pressure received from party leaders.

A precipitous and unexpected fall for Aguado, who has not survived the political earthquake that caused the motion of censure in Murcia and his subsequent divorce with Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who decided to break with all the members of the Citizens’ Government due to the fear that they would want to unseat her .

It was a week ago, on Wednesday, March 10, when Aguado’s ‘Stations of the Cross’ began, that he received Ayuso’s announcement with disbelief and was even the one who came forward by communicating it to the media in an improvised way after having to cancel the usual wheel post-Governing Council press release.

A round in which he has always shown his face by being, in addition to being vice president, spokesman for the Ayuso Government , with whom disagreements have been constant since the beginning of the legislature, when Cs supported an investigation commission on Avalmadrid for the concession of a loan to a company in which the father of the Madrid president appeared as a partner.

Over the months, other issues have been a source of confrontation between the two partners, such as the controversy of the apartment hotel in which Ayuso stayed during the beginning of the pandemic or the management of this health crisis, which resulted in the resignation of the Minister of Social Policies, of Cs.

After his dismissal, Aguado has attacked Ayuso through statements to the media and his Twitter account, even saying that he has “lost his mind” and that he has acted as a “pyromaniac” by calling early elections when there were still two years of legislature.

The figure of Aguado has been very weakened these days to the point that, despite expressing his intention to appear in the primaries to be a candidate for Ciudadanos in the May 4 elections, he began to receive pressure from leaders of the formation to take a step back.

This Thursday he has chosen to withdraw in an intervention in which, visibly moved, he has given over to the national spokesman of Cs, Edmundo Bal , so that he assumes the weight of the electoral campaign at a very difficult moment in the party.

Although Aguado has lost much of his political power, he will still have a relevant role, since he has just been integrated into the national leadership of Ciudadanos in an act that involved a vote of confidence from the leader, Inés Arrimadas.

The political career of this 38-year-old from Madrid began in 2013 when he left his job at Unión Fenosa to join the Albert Rivera formation and a year later he was elected spokesman for the party in the Community of Madrid.

Graduated in Law and Business Administration and Management, and in Political and Administration Sciences, he headed the electoral poster of the orange formation in the Madrid region in 2015, when he broke into the Assembly with seventeen deputies, and also in 2019, achieving twenty-six seats.

Ciudadanos supported the inauguration of Cristina Cifuentes as president of the Community of Madrid four years ago with Aguado as parliamentary spokesperson, after reaching an agreement with 76 points on matters such as the fight against corruption and health, and voted in favor of all budgets .

In 2018, he requested the resignation of Cifuentes due to the irregularities of his master’s degree at the Rey Juan Carlos University and supported the investiture of Ángel Garrido as regional president.

After the 2019 regional elections, Aguado chose Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s PP as a partner to form a coalition Executive and rejected the PSOE -which won the elections-, Más Madrid and Unidas Podemos because they did not share their “failed policies”, their ” obsession with armchairs “and his desire to achieve” power for power’s sake. ”

That turned intovice president and spokesman for Aguado, married with a son, a political rise that, in just over a year and a half, has ended in a nosedive for a figure hitherto key for Citizens in the Community of Madrid.

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