At least 13 police officers killed in an ambush in Mexico. Organized crime attacked agents who patrolled the region.

An organized crime ambush left at least 13 police officers dead this Thursday in the central State of Mexico, reported the region’s Secretary of Security, Rodrigo Martínez-Celis. “The convoy carried out patrol work in the region precisely to combat criminal groups that operate in that area.

So far, there is information on the death of eight elements of the Security Secretariat and five elements of the Attorney General’s Office of Justice of the State of Mexico, “Martínez-Celis reported in a video.

The secretary confirmed that the ambush patrol in the municipality of Coatepec Harinas suffered an attack by “organized crime . ” “This aggression is an affront against the Mexican state. We will respond with all force and with the support of the law and legitimacy,” he said.

Likewise, Martínez-Celis explained that there are already federal authorities involved in the clarification of the facts. “At this time, joint air and ground operations are being carried out with the support of the National Guard, the National Defense Secretariat, the Mexican Navy Secretariat and the National Intelligence Center, in order to locate and apprehend the aggressors. “, he indicated.

For his part, the attorney general of the State of Mexico, Alejandro Gómez, said that “the necessary procedures are already being carried out for the removal of the bodies and the collection of evidence and evidence.”

At least 13 police officers killed in an ambush in Mexico. Organized crime attacked agents who patrolled the region.

“We condemn this cunning and cowardly crime. The families of the public servants who died this Thursday will have all the support and all the backing (…) We will go for them and present them to justice,” he promised.

Mexico closed in 2020 with 34,515 victims of intentional homicide, a figure just lower than the 34,648 cases in 2019, considered the most violent year in the contemporary history of the country.

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