The time of major mobilizations on the road has arrived and, with it, the always question of when to fill up with gasoline and which service station to choose . A decision that can lead to savings this summer … or even throughout the year, since there are up to 250 euros of difference that the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) calculates between an expensive gas station and a cheap one.

Better before leaving, halfway or upon reaching the destination. The eternal question of when to fill up on a trip this summer already has a better solution thanks to an analysis carried out by the OCU . Comparing up to 10,000 points throughout the Spanish geography (except the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, where the tax level is different), the institution has been able to verify that there are many differences between brands, but also between cities.

For this, the study was carried out between February and May on gasoline 95, 98, normal diesel and improved diesel . For this reason, it does not understand current prices, which have been constantly increasing since November 2020 (with an extra cost of 250 euros for diesel vehicles and 300 euros for gasoline).

A classification where the OCU only lists one in six refueling stations as cheap , making it difficult to find a location with low prices in many regions of Spain. A phenomenon that is explained by the multitude of gas stations under powerful chains, while the low cost, supermarkets or regional ones are hardly found on national highways.

The cheapest brands
In this way, the institution reaffirms BonÁrea as the cheapest in all of Spain. With an index 100, which indicates that after this, they will all be more expensive, this chain is only distributed throughout Catalonia and highlights with its low prices for 95, 98 and normal diesel gasoline the group’s strategy, which is also found among supermarkets cheapest in the country .

In addition to this, GM Oil, Gas Expres, Petroprix and the French company E.Lecrerc are the other companies considered as the cheapest (with indices ranging from 101 to 104, which indicates that they are between 1% and 4%). % more expensive than BonÀrea). Finally, the OCU highlights Ballenoil that it has the cheapest improved diesel, although its prices for the remaining fuels are 7% and 8% higher.

Therefore, on the other side of the list, the most expensive gas stations are, for the most part, the best known. BP, Repsol, Cepsa, Petronor, Campsa and Shell occupy the highest positions with prices between 15% and 22% more than BonÀrea ( about 20 cents per liter ). This is due to its strength as a group, which allows to increase costs with many more stations spread over the road, being the ones that make a difference of up to 250 euros per year compared to the cheapest.

Cheapest cities
On the other hand, the OCU has also emphasized the regions where it is more economical to refuel. Almería, Lleida, Murcia, Valencia, Teruel, Zaragoza, Huesca, Soria and Navarra are the cheapest provinces of the Peninsula. On the contrary, the Balearic Islands, Madrid and Guipúzcoa are the most expensive.

However, it is in the latter (in addition to Barcelona) where it is easier to save when refueling. While the capital or the city of Barcelona has a difference of 25% in prices depending on one or another gas station, in Pontevedra, Huelva, Teruel, Orense and Oviedo the distances between one brand or another are hardly recognizable.

In any case, the OCU has made available to users a calculator with which they can see how far away the cheapest gas station is according to the chosen position. To use it, you just have to choose the fuel, the point of origin, the distance radius and the money you want to spend. With this, it is possible to find the most economical point so that this summer filling the gas tank involves the least possible expense.

By Erik Brady

Erik Brady is a news media and fitness professional with a strong experience in online journalism as well as he is a well-known fitness instructor. He strength includes knowledge of sports, health, yoga, meditation, and proficiency. From a young age, Erik has interest in Football and he is Packaging Magazine Contributor.

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